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The 2017 Quip Cup Tournament


THE QUIP CUP is a holiday-party-slash-Quiplash-tournament that will invite all previous guests back to the couch to compete for the title of "Funniest Play You Guy."

Featuring some fierce competitors:
Brittany Tomkin!
Seth Alkon Finkelstein!
Ryan Creamer!
Peter Johnston!
Eddie Dougrou!
Ryan Barker!
Kiki O'Keeffe!
Meredith Paul!
Jenny Gorelick!
Will Moritz!
Nicole Adsit!
Jon Bershad!
Gwen Lawson!
Anthony Hargraves!
Brit Belsheim!
Ian O'Keeffe
Kate Villa!
Lizzy Furey!
Sam Evans!
Anna Roisman!
Tim Lamphier!
Christopher Darden!
Raquel Castellar!
Addison Anderson!
Addie Weyrich!
Patrick Michael Cotnoir!
Matt Dunnam!
Dan Wilbur!
Anya Garrett!
Alexandra Nader!

and of course
....McGootch (Matt O'Duffy)! 

And your affable host:
Carly Jane Hoogendyk!

New to this whole deal? PLAY YOU GUYS is a weekly livestream party game show that pits the wits of New York City comedians against those of an interactive audience. It's the future and we're being real chill about it -- tune in and play along!

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