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Panic! @ The Experiment - One More Show

For the past few months Panic! @ Del Frisco's has been hosting a weekly show Wednesdays, 9:30 at The Experiment Comedy Gallery. Well, it's time for that run to come to an end. Join us on Wednesday, January 27th, as we close out this run with a big awesome very funny show. We've invited some of our closest friends: 

Liz Arcury
Kantad Svendsgaard
Jeff Moulton
Calvin Cole
Emily Duncan
Jon Hudson

AREA 52:
Bob Vulfov
Ben Furnas
Eli Beckett Grober

Amanda Dieli
Kelsey Bailey
James Folta
Julia Kelly
Monique Moses
Ed O'Connell
Beth Slack
Alex Teague

And your hosts PANIC! @ DEL FRISCO'S:
Ryan Joel Faucett
Colby Smith
Jack Slattery
Nathan Yaffe
Jenny Gorelick
Anna Lockhart
Jonathan Hough

Tickets are five buckaroos, or free with an improv student ID!