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Leading a new generation of well-adjusted, no-drama comedians in NYC’s golden age
— Time Out New York
You’re a good improviser
— Keegan-Michael Key
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Ms. Gorelick is really onto something.
— The New York Times

JENNY GORELICK is a comedy producer, performer, and birthday girl. She celebrates her birthday every month with her long-running variety show JENNY'S BIRTHDAY at Union Hall, co-hosted by her best friend, Addie Weyrich (Adult Swim). In fact, she loves birthdays so much that she had a Sweet Sixteen on the Q Train in a viral video with Improv Everywhere that received 44M views. She was once called an "unassuming gal" by MTV, but we all know that was mistaken.

In addition, she produces and hosts an all-female stand up comedy show with Kate Villa (The Break with Michelle Wolf) called Her-icane on every third Saturday of the month at Mad Tropical to benefit relief for natural disasters. The show has raised thousands of dollars for hurricane relief in Puerto Rico, the Carolinas, and Florida.

She has been featured in the NYTimes, Time Out New York, Gothamist, MTV News, Ground Floor Comedy, and the skint. She won Best Actress for QuickieFest 2018. At the award ceremony, Taxi TV’s Sandy Kenyon told the room that she is a “star of tomorrow.” Taxi rides will NEVER be the same.

Star of Tomorrow
— Taxi TV's Sandy Kenyon


Monthly - Union Hall

Photo by Mindy Tucker

JENNY celebrates her birthday monthly with a VARIETY SHOW & BLOW-OUT with her best friend ADDIE WEYRICH (Adult Swim). This is NEW YORK's most celebratory comedy show! Previous birthdays have included karaoke, a murder mystery, pool party, clubbing, and more! JENNY’S BIRTHDAY has been running since December 2016 at Union Hall, Legion Bar, and Artichoke Pizza and featured in the Skint, Comedy Cake, Time Out New York, and the NYTimes.



Photo by Mindy Tucker

Her-icane is a monthly showcase of all female identifying comics to raise money for disaster relief. JENNY co-hosts with KATE VILLA (The Break With Michelle Wolf) and together they have raised over $3,000 to benefit relief efforts in Puerto Rico, the Carolinas, and Florida.




Finally! If you've cracked your Moviepass in half trying to see over and over again, we have good news: Club Cumming is hosting its own absolutely batshit tribute to the instantly-iconic Lady Gaga vehicle. Ever-chipper comedian and host Jenny Gorelick invites some of the city's most talented fans to take on the songs, the wigs and the choreography of Ally's career. Witness drag, dance, sketch, lip-sync and acoustic renditions of "Hair, Body, Face," "Scene 98" and other new classics, performed by Larry Owens, Sarah Dooley, Kuhoo Verma, Nate Richardson, Tessa Skara, Ms. Golden Delicious, Graham Techler, Dave Mizzoni, Megan Patsel and Jesse Roth. Whether you just like getting down to "Why Did You Do That?" or you need to release your pre-election day anxiety by sobbing to "Is That Alright?" you're certain to be taken care of at this outrageous night.